Our company is in the constant evolution and improvement of our technologies

The first generation of WORMHOLES inflow control systems (ICD) on the market was a passive device having a number of advantages over competitors.

Subsequent development of WORMHOLES ICD gave a new generation of ICD allowing to restrict gas rate at a predetermined level.

The next step was the transition from a completely passive ICD unable to change their characteristics after installation into the well to adaptive systems as well as to a system allowing to obtain quantitative information about the nature of the influx and the phase composition of the fluid from the different intervals of the well, the so-called downhole flowmeter.

Now the development of downhole equipment controlled on the wellhead by electrical signal is in a final stage.


WORMHOLES products

Area of application

 Horizontal wells

- inflow profile alignment
- fighting coning
- preventing of water and gas breakthrough
- inflow profile monitoring without downhole logging
- wells with FRM (injection profile alignment)
- uniform acidization along the borehole
- the circulation through the equipment is possible during RIH
- application at multi-stage fracturing

Vertical wells

- dual completion wells
- isolation of problem intervals (high water cut or GOR)


- recompletion of wells with water or gas breakthrough
- recompletion of multi-stage fracturing wells


Advantages of WORMHOLES ICD


WORMHOLES was created in 2009. The company established by professionals in oil and gas industry with extensive and versatile experience in engineering, scientific and field areas.
In 2011 «WORMHOLES» together with «Tyazhpressmash» won the tender (competitors – Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Weatherford) for the supply of completion equipment for horizontal wells on Yurubchano-Tahomskoe field (Rosneft Vostsibneftegaz).
In 2012 «WORMHOLES» and «Lukoil Nizhnevolzhskneft» carried out the pilot project to test the an ability to limit gas inflow by means of «WORMHOLES» inflow control devices. The tests were successful.
In 2013 R&D for «Lukoil Nizhnevolzhskneft» was conducted. The theme of R&D: application of Adaptive Inflow Control System (AICD) for Korchagina field.
In the end of 2014 the equipment with AICD was installed in the well #11 of Korchagina field as a secondary completion (recompletion). The target was limiting of gas rate. In 2015 the positive results were achieved.


All products offered by WORMHOLES are produced and developed in Russia.

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